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Pakco International Co., Ltd.

Established in 1988, it is formerly known as Pakco Axis Co., Ltd. Since then, it has grown to become one of Thailand’s leading specialists in the manufacture of rotomoulded polyethylene products branded as “TEMA” and mixers and aerators branded as “Lambda”.

In 2010, Pakco International Co., Ltd. expanded its services in specializing engineering works through Water Purification Engineering Co., Ltd. who took over the management of the former company. It has been an advantage to the company since it incorporated the products and services and become a ONE-STOP-SHOP for water treatment, wastewater treatment, water recycling and electrodeionization (EDI).


With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing PE products, mixers and aerators

Pakco International Co., Ltd. take pride in delivering economical, innovative and quality products. We are working closely with our customers in product development, who rely on our technical knowledge and expertise to meet their requirement and bring their concepts to their projects and to the market. We continue to grow, enhance and develop to cater to the overwhelming demands of our customers.

Presently, our products, equipment and machines are being sold locally and also exported to Australia, Argentina, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Poland, Polynesia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Unites States, Vietnam, etc.

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Our Factory

Our factory space has a total land area of 8,000 sqm. wherein 4,000 sqm. is occupied by our office space and 4,000 sqm. is divided into several sections:


CNC/Lathe Section

Customize the product to meet your requirement

We have our own CNC/Lathe machines that can make a mould or special product parts according to your needs (extra cost applied).


Milling Section

We fabricate our own parts

Our mixers and aerators major parts such as shaft, impellers, coupling, etc. as well as some PE tank accessories are all fabricated in our factory. Therefore we can control our product quality.


Plastic Production Section

Quality you can trust

We use high grade and best quality raw materials, computerized rotational moulding machine with high precision temperature-control oven and high quality pattern of molding processes. Our PE products undergo a strict product quality control according to TIS 1379-2551 and ISO 9001:2015.

We have different kinds of tank accessories that can be installed to the tank such as flanges, fittings, air vents, level gauges, etc. We also offer tank customization according to your needs.

Wide range of product applications in chemical, food, water treatment and pharmaceutical & cosmetic processes.


Fabrication/Welding Works Section

One-Stop shop for your needs

Pakco International Co., Ltd. offers a complete solution for your tank needs. Aside from the PE accessories, we also offer metal accessories such as tank belt/jacket, ladder, ladder with cage, handrails, tank support, etc. Since we fabricate our own accessories, we can ensure that everything fits together and we can commit on its quality and performance.